A few weeks ago Matty* asked me to help draw his designs for his course’s latest production.**

I’ve always been arty – I was (partly) brought up by an artist mother, I studied interior design, and started a foundation year in art at the local uni (I got ill and didn’t complete, but that’s another story) and then went and worked as a Secretary, PA, IT Support – all sorts of things not related to art at all!

I’ve tried to earn money as an artist before – making jewellery, painting canvases, and although I’ve sold pieces, I’ve never been successful enough to pay the bills etc. So I stopped.

Doing the work for Matty has made me remember how much I love painting, and how I can do painting and designs without getting my big canvases (I have a fair few left over) and easel out. So, I’ve been doing some watercolour designs, and I think they’re okay…So I’m going to send them off to some card publishing type people and see if they have any potential *fingers crossed*

Being ‘forced’ back into drawing, and thinking about design from a new perspective has changed how I’ve seen what I can do, and I think over the last few weeks I’ve re-educated myself – I’ve not touched watercolours for years, and suddenly thats how I’m thinking of creating things.

Inspiration and Motivation comes from strange places eh?



*lovely boyfriend

** He’s studying Theatre Tech, and is set designer for this production.


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