Train Posting

Well, my faith in National Rail employees is restored!

I had to sell my car a while ago, so bought a young persons railcard (a week before my 26th birthday!) as I’ll have to be on the train instead now – except today I forgot my railcard! Doh! I got a lift to the station from MummyJanet, so didn’t check I had it with me – silly Kayla!

Thankfully, the conductor guy was very nice and let me pay the difference, and I can even claim that back!

Today has been one of those days that feels like it’s going at light speed, and yet is never-ending! One moment I’m awake at 8am, cursing the cat for scratching her litter box all night – the next I’m half awake as the doorbell rings. I spent the morning with a thumping localised headache – less than fun – and the afternoon delving into the depths of my shed to find a small tent (which never did appear) and camping pans! As well as trying to pack of course.

My trip up to Manchester has been extended again, until Tuesday. I have to draw four different scenes on 12 8ft by 4ft flats tomorrow morning, and then we need to paint them…and we’re only guaranteed to have space Thursday morning and Friday afternoon – me? Panicked? No! (Yes!) So that’s Thursday, Friday, and possibly Monday claimed, Saturday I’m hoping to go and find Fred Aldous – an art shop I’ve been recommended, and by the looks of their website has the things I need – namely half pan Winsor and Newton watercolours – one would think they’re an easy thing to find, with not one but two well stocked art shops nearby, but no, only tubes and full sets were stocked. I do wonder why that is? Are pans used less? I much prefer them the majority of the time to tubes, but maybe it’s just me…or maybe Universities teach with tubes – after all the two shops I know of are both by Universities.

I’m not sure why I’m blogging this, but I’m on the train, can’t concentrate on my book, and felt like it, so there we go!

(ETA: posted whilst waiting for space to paint/draw set!)


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