I’ve been looking for a ‘real’ job for a while – very casually, but suddenly a job has come up that I think I would really enjoy, for nearly enough money, and for what looks like an amazing company!

I have a pre-interview interview with the agency tomorrow, and I have no idea if what I want to wear is okay! (Focussing on the small things, I know!)

(Please excuse the un-ironed nes, and the orientation of some of the photos – WP wouldn’t let me change some of them!)

So I need your help!!

Option 1:

I love this outfit! It’s curvier on than the dressform shows, and I think needs a different belt buckle – like a traditional nurses I’m thinking.


Option 2:

Excuse the un-ironed-ness!

Option 3




or boots:


What do you think? Not smart enough? Should I wear my trouser suit instead? I’ve always worn outfits like the first two at officey type jobs I’ve had before, but it’s been a fair few years since I’ve had to be smart/interviewed.

Please leave comments – any appreciated!





3 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Sadie says:

    It depends a bit on the level of the job, but I like outfit 1 a lot and I think it would be fine. And I’d say boots because it’s brass monkeys out there right now!


  2. Lapurplepenguin says:

    I don’t know what the interview s for but on a general principle I’d go for the first outfit. As regular interviewer of staff it is the one I think is smarteest but it also has some personality.

    I’d also go for boots – they protect against tights issues for a start – and look practical but smart


  3. AlpacaAddict says:

    Yes, Option 1, and probably the boots, unless the sun is really beaming down on you (which it will be metaphorically!).


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