What I’ve been doing up north

The past few weeks I’ve been going up to Manchester a lot, both to see Matty and to help him with some set design. Matty came up with the concepts and idea for the set, but couldn’t draw them – that’s where I came in!

We finally finished last Tuesday, after a very stressful few days painting, drawing, redesigning, and panicking about what space we had to work in, and how little time we had!

I’m quite proud of the work we did, so I thought I’d show it off!

The show is called Red Shoes, and is being performed at University of Huddersfield’s Oldham Campus on 8th, 9th and 10th March (If you’re local, please consider going – I’ve been lucky enough to be in some of the rehearsals, and they are fantastic!)

Three background scenes were needed, an Interior, a Village and a Shoe Shop. They are constructed of three toblerone shaped constructions, of three panels 4ft wide and 8ft high, on wheels so they can rotate.

This is the interior – I’m least happy with this, but time meant I couldn’t do the bits I wanted to improve it :~( (ignore the shoe boxes)

I do however love the freehand flowers I managed to do on top of the radiator cover


This is the village (ignore the shoe boxes again!)

And the end panel – I like the tree on this one the best.

And the Shoe Shop – this was redesigned at the last-minute, and then redesigned again, so was the most traumatic (and I don’t say that lightly!) of the lot! (Don’t ignore the shoe boxes this time!!)

I am extraordinarily pleased with the wall of shoes, and keep thinking about the basic design and how adaptable it is to different things – I’ve been playing around with it!

I can’t wait to go and see the show on Thursday (I’m tempted to go up early and see it twice!)

I really enjoyed the experience, but boy was I glad when we finally finished!


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