Jobs Update

Just a quick update on jobs

The pre-interview interview I had 2 weeks ago went well, but it didn’t result in an actual interview :~( My lack of corporate events management was the reason – although I’ve been organising events for years in different capacities, it was mainly through the NHS and charities, and then of course Fibre Flurry last year.

I have another interview a week today though! A lower down role, but the company and role description sounds like they’d encourage more involvement as the role progresses, hopefully up to the level I want. So fingers crossed!

This job is also much less of a commute (only 40 minutes which feels much less than the hour of the last interview!) and still in pretty surroundings, which hopefully should make going back to a partly desk job easier.

I think I’m going to wear the same outfit as the last interview, but with shoes instead of boots – I felt quite casual, which worked for a pre-interview interview I think, but not the right feel for this one!

I think I’m slightly more excited about this interview – the company do a lot of exciting big events around the world,  and have a strong sustainability ethic which is good, and the closer proximity to Birmingham is definately a bonus.

I wonder, what’s important to you about a company you (potentially) work for?

*fingers crossed*



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