New Experiences

Thursday night was definately one of those!

It was one of Matty’s flatmates birthday, and she wanted to go to a strip club. So we went.

Oh my, well, let’s start with the red lighting, heavy velvet curtaining and the line of nearly naked girls as we arrived in a large and (apart from the afore-mentioned nearly naked girls) empty room…

We scuttled over to some seating, and some of the girls approached us. Friendly enough, until they started asking if we wanted to know the pricing of dances! I think it was fairly obvious we were there for moral support (the ultra nervous giggling and no eye contact (looking at the floor!) was surely a give-away?) but she asked, whilst looking at us like a cat wanting a scratch.

I think at one point – when asked why I was no nervous – I said that as I was wearing a long dress, and there they were in *tiny* pants and bras, it felt a little like they were starkers and I was in a snowsuit!

Flatmate had a dance (in a private room, which I think is standard) whilst the rest of us (3 couples went) drank our extortionately priced drinks and wondered why anyone would go there voluntarily!

Very awkward!

We very quickly departed, eyes to the floor, and went to the local hard rock cafe, which had an acoustic night on.

It was definitely an experience, and as awkward and bizarre as it was, I’m glad I did it – one more thing to tick off in my 101 things to do before you die book!



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