Another Interview Over

I have no idea how today’s interview went.

I have a general bad feeling about it, as the interviewer mentioned the high quality and quantity of candidates, in a way that made me think she was trying to let me down easily sort of thing. I’ve had a few negative days though so maybe it’s my interpreting skills going overboard?

I asked if there were any immediate concerns about me, and the answer was very clear – Fibre Flurry. As it’s an events management company, they don’t like their employees organising things outside of work – which I totally understand, even if they work a thousand and three leagues above where FF is! They said it could be a deal breaker, which could leave me in a really difficult position. Fear not, 2011 will still be happening – I’m already committed to it this year and have made that clear – as much as they may not like it, it would be utterly unprofessional for me cancel now, plus of course I love it!!

The more I found out about the company, the more I want to work there though, and there’s definite career progression possible, and what felt like a good working environment, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed but not counting my beans (is that an actual phrase?!)

I won’t find out till Tuesday afternoon, so I’m hoping to forget about it till then!

This weekend I’ll be near Reading with my wonderful friend Judith who is going travelling for 4 months on Tuesday. I’m going to miss her lots :~(



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