I went on holiday!

(I’ve not been away without an alternative reason for about 3 years, so this was a real treat :~) )

Well, to be honest I still had my phone and laptop with me, and ended up doing quite a bit of work, but the majority of the time was spent relaxing in the sunshine :~)

We went up to Pardshaw, which is an old Quaker meeting house in the Lakes, with Matty’s lovely mum and a group that have been going for over 20 years!

On the way we stopped in Ambleside and had chips! Yum!

(Matty was not impressed at the amount of photos I took!)

We managed to go to the beach, and I even braved the very cold sea (a very rare occurrence for me) and was promptly soaked by a hug from a very wet Matty! Thankfully it was warm so I dried off quickly!

Matty did some bouldering up on the crags, while I sat and admired the view!

(can you spot him?)

Matty and I spent Saturday morning in Keswick, and then went sailing on Derwent…although for most of the time it was drifting rather than sailing as a distinct lack of wind made our efforts somewhat disappointing. Despite being extremely cold and wet when we got back to land, I really want to go again, and try out kayaking too! Matty does a lot of kayaking, and even coaches too, so I think I’m in good hands!

We cooked dinner for the 16 of us on Sunday – roast veggies, pastry parcels and stuffed mushrooms – yumyum!

We headed back to Leeds on Monday, and spent the evening at a barbecue with friends of Matty’s, really lovely – his brother and sister were there too.

Tuesday we came back to Birmingham via my Uncle’s in Doncaster – lovely to see them, and Matty got on with them all which is a definite good thing!

Back home we went to Belbroughton – we walked through the gorgeous bluebell woods for a while, talking business, but in the loveliest surroundings.

Friday I left Matty in bed and went to a friends to watch the royal wedding – such a gorgeous dress! Such lovely outfits, and a lovely service (in most!) I know there’s a lot of negative thoughts about it, but it was lovely, and about a couple who are obviously in love, and it was a real treat to watch.

The rest of the week was spent working, doing lots of maths and working on business plans for a possible new adventure!

This week has been a waiting game for emails about said adventure, and meetings today about it too :~)

I spend a fair amount of time away from home – mostly visiting Matty at the moment – but I never really get homesick, so it was quite strange to feel the need to go home a few times, to feel homesick. I’ve been living here for nearly 4 years – the longest I’ve lived anywhere for oh, 13 or 14 years I think.

We had a fantastic time away – we were very lucky to have such beautiful weather, and despite some nerves about spending time with people I didn’t know, I had a great time, and made new friends :~)


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