I’m in Limbo at the moment. Still waiting to hear about this new adventure, but doing all the prep in case it goes ahead…It’s a difficult position to be in, and I’m finding it increasingly hard to think of anything but what might and might not happen. If I get a yes, my life changes, I get to open my very own yarn shop, and if it’s a no, I get to see if anyone else can help!

Whilst being in limbo, I’ve been taking it fairly easy physically (the waiting is not helping my stress levels, or my stiff shoulders!) I’ve been up to Manchester, and Formby, where we saw some of the uni students creative projects (brilliant) and my wonderful friend Helen, whose 21 weeks pregnant – there was lots of talk of names and plans for the nursery – it was lovely 🙂

I spent last weekend at Woodbrooke (A Quaker study centre here in Birmingham) learning the choral version of a play called On Common Ground. The play was performed in the 90’s by The Leaveners, and centres around a group of protesters trying to stop the cutting down of an old Oak tree. It’s really well written, and the songs were fabulous (which is to be expected, as they were composed by the amazing Patrick Jones) We performed the choral version on Sunday afternoon at Bournville Meeting House, which was nerve-wracking ( I had a speaking part, that opened the performance!) but really rather enjoyable.

Last year I had a really bad case of pharyngitis (they nearly admitted me to hospital because I couldn’t swallow, rather scary!) that meant I had to quit singing altogether for a while, and I haven’t been to choir for nearly a year. This weekend was partly a test to see if I could sing for a long time without loosing my voice – and I can (Although my voice started to crack on the higher notes after a while)!! I’m so pleased, especially after having laryngitis and tonsillitis while I was up at Pardshaw! I’m hoping to have time to go back to choir in September now I know I’ll probably be able to sing regularly again if I take it gently!

Matty is coming down to stay for a while on Thursday, although we’re heading down to London for a trade/business show on Friday first. Matty has a job interview over Saturday and Sunday, so fingers crossed for that. If anyone knows of any summer jobs going around Birmingham, for a techie with bar experience, please do let us know!!

Limbo is a funny place to be in, not knowing what to start, and how far forward to plan things for. Let’s hope I won’t be waiting too much longer!


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