Graduation Take 1

Yesterday, my darling Matty graduated! It’s one of two, as he got his Foundation Degree yesterday, and will be getting his BA next year…So we get to do it all again then!

I went up on the train after work on Wednesday, and we stayed in the local Travelodge – along with a fair few coursemates too!

I didn’t take many photos, but filmed all of his coursemates crossing the stage, shaking hands with the vice chancellor of the uni etc…The actual chancellor is Patrick Stewart, which is incredibly cool, but he had work commitments so sent a video message instead of making a speech – which I also filmed. No Star Trek jokes from the man himself but the Vice Chancellor said something along the lines of  ‘…and in the words of our Chancellor, make it so’ at the end of his speech, with the finger point too! My inner geek was happy :~)

And, as is usual, here are random photos!

The roof of the hall had some strange tinsel like sparklies hanging down…they caught the light very nicely, but I couldn’t get a great photo

Strange fake flower arrangements


Matty getting his ‘official’ photo…there’s something about it that feels very American to me


Granny, Matty and Dawn (Matty’s Granny and Mum)

To end the day, we went to Pizza Express and Granny had a miniature ice cream cone in her dessert!

After saying goodbye to Granny and Dawn, we popped back to Matty’s flat, where I promptly felt ill (probably due to the vast amounts of dairy over the previous 48 hours, even with Lactaze tablets galore) and fell asleep.

The plan was for me to be back in time for Knit Night (my friend Tina manned the shop for me) but that miserably failed, and I didn’t get back home till 11:45 yesterday night! oops!


It was a really nice day overall, and I am so proud of Matty :~D


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