Packing Woes and Advice Requested

I’m moving in 2 weeks.

Actually, make that 12 days.

I have 3 boxes packed.

This is bad.

Very bad.


I’m downsizing into a shared house from a very very full one bed flat, and aswell as packing things up I need to sort things too. I’ve thankfully got a place to store some stuff like my bed and some of my nice furniture, but a lot of it I need to sell. I’m away next weekend (friends baby shower) and working every day till I move. I’ve got a lot of stuff to get rid of/sell, and I don’t know where to start.

I’ve been trying to pack up my desk today, but I have no idea what to pack to go into storage, what to take with me and what needs to go to the shop (which has practically no storage left) – things like my beads and card making things, that I use occasionally, but probably not rarely enough to warrant going into storage, but not often enough to really warrant taking up space in the new room. (actually, scrap that last paragraph, I just remembered I can store stuff in the very accessible loft at the new place. Beads etc are coming with me!)

I have to sell/get rid of (preferably sell to help fund move!) my sofa and armchair, electric cooker, freezer, microwave, bookcases, and lot of little things like printer, slow cooker, bread machine, etc…ebay/gumtree?


Any packing/sorting tips? Desperately needed!


One thought on “Packing Woes and Advice Requested

  1. Issy says:

    Sorting tips – if you have time, sort everything into three piles – definitely keep, get rid of, and unsure. Pack the keep pile, bag up the get rid of pile, and go back to the unsure pile, then sort that into three more piles of definitely/not/maybe. This should help whittle things down a bit.
    Packing – gather everything you need for the next month, and pack this at the last minute. Maybe keep a diary for a week and see what you use every day, so you don’t miss anything out?
    As for selling, I’d maybe go for gumtree over eBay, unless you’re happy to put a short listing time on it, otherwise you might end up with someone buying an item that they can’t collect til after you move, which would be extra stress on your behalf. Gumtree seems to have quite a quick turnaround…have you considered freeads and the small ads in the paper?

    Good luck! X


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