I moved into 196 on 12th August 2007. I moved out on 15th August 2011.

Those four years have encompassed a heck of a lot of change.

I moved in when I was going out with Allan, we lived there together for a while, then he moved out. (Thankfully!) Now I’m with Matty, and we’re planning a future together – a *much* better and preferable future I must say.

I didn’t have a pet when I moved in, now I have Kitty. She appeared on the doorstep 2 years ago, and made herself at home. She’s a bit of a mystery cat as far as her origins are concerned, but she seems to be happy to have made me her human.

I worked in IT in 2007, since then I’ve been a secretary, worked for several charities, qualified as a nursery nurse and now own a yarn shop. I’ve owned (and still own) two businesses, run lots of different events, and done a lot of designing of logos!

Health wise I’ve been diagnosed with syndromes and long-term illnesses, had a breakdown and a miscarriage, been to A+E a fair few times, had numerous lots of physio and seen 3 different therapists, I also spent 3 months on crutches!

I passed my driving test while at 196, and have had 3 cars – one was written off, one was left for so long (when I was on crutches for 3 months) it rusted and I was told the bottom would fall out, and I sold the other. I’ve been insured on 3 others too!

I’ve lost a friend I thought I’d always have, and found friends I thought I’d lost. I’ve made good friends, and – unknown at the time – bad friends.

I’ve travelled to, and fallen in love with, India. Flown on my own for the first time, and travelled out of Europe for the first time too.

I’ve learnt so much, and yet still not learnt to be tidy!

I have changed, so much, in the last 4 years, and I feel like it’s mainly for the good.

I lived at 196 for the longest I lived anywhere for more than 14 years…it was home.

I’ve lived in more than 20 places in my life, so you would think I’d be good at moving house. Actually, I’m rubbish at it. I’d done hardly any packing till the day before I moved, and I have a LOT of stuff! I’ve promised Matty I’ll never move like that again, and as the plan is for us to move in together next year, I’d better keep that promise!


Moving was incredibly stressful…but we got it done. My wonderful friends Judith,Eleanor, Yannis and Lleucu helped for varying times, and Matty was an absolute rock. I am so grateful.

Apologies for the glut of photos…just a few of the important or memorable bits…

Kitty tried to help, but was more of a very cute distraction.

It took so long that Matty fell asleep at the top of the stairs when we had a break.

One of the things I liked (and really didn’t like for different reasons) about 196 was that it hadn’t been updated since the early 70’s at least, which meant it had awesome wallpaper in random places like the pantry cupboard shelves.

My friend Ed saw the pattern in these curtains – there’s a man being chased by a plant or creature type thing in it…can you see it? I could never un-see it once Ed pointed it out!

One of the terrors of owning Kitty was she peed at the foot of the stairs – a lot when she first started living with me, and occasionally when stressed afterwards. She did it so much we had to take the carpet up! Gross!!

We found a grand total of £2.18!

Found at the bottom of the ‘bits and pieces’ drawer…

Last van load, and we started talking about how we’d convert a van!

You know I said I have a lot of stuff? 6 van loads, and 7 car loads!

Kitty’s made herself at home at the new house…as have I.

Living at 196 was certainly a mixed bag of luck and emotion, I’m both incredibly sad to move out, and glad that life is moving on, and in what certainly feels like the right direction.


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