Festivals, Babies, Bunnies and Teddys

2 months since I blogged…that’s too long!

I’ve been so busy with the shop and the event that although I’ve taken photos of things I want to blog about I haven’t had a chance to write anything about it!

Might as well start at the end of August!

I was debating going to Greenbelt and decided I couldn’t afford it, but Judith (OH of Tina who looks after the shop sometimes) was going for the Friday evening, and Tina said she’d look after the shop on Saturday if I went…so I did!

We took Crystal from work with us too, as she’d never been to a festival before, and all had a great time. We got there just in time for Show of Hands – the main reason we went! I had a great time, bought some gorgeous hand-blown baubles for the shop and some lovely bits for me and friends too :~)


Show of Hands were excellent, a mix of new songs and old – annoyingly we missed them in the signing tent :~(

Bunting was everywhere this year – it looked great!

This sculpture was in the foyer of the main inside venue (centaur?) and was beautiful and poignant all at the same time

I managed to knit on the way down – more on that later!



Work wise we went to the Autumn Fair at the beginning of September which was a good but utterly exhausting day – found and ordered some gorgeous stuff for the shop, and lots of inspiration for things to do myself – after the event though!

Matty stayed down in Birmingham for most of the summer, and in mid-September he started back at Uni (last year woohoo!) so spent weekends down here working and the week back up in Leeds.  It was good practise for the longer periods we’re going to spend apart this year – it’s been 2 weeks now, and another week to go until he comes back down :~/

Jumping to Mid October it was Crystals birthday so we went out for a meal – after a rush around shops to find jeans to fit Matty so he didn’t have to go out in shorts!!

Last week my mum came down for the day on Wednesday which was lovely – I have a complicated relationship with her, so it was nice to spend time together, and she was a real help too!

The most exciting thing of all of that was that my best friend Helen had her gorgeous little boy! 5 days after his EDA, and after a few scares of c-sections and him somersaulting around, he arrived and is absolutely precious! We went up to see them when he was 9 days old, and he is a complete sweetie. His brother is taking on the role very well and Helen is doing well and being greatly supported by her Husband.



I bought them some little gifts for the baby shower in August, but of course had to knit some bits too! The teddy I knitted turned into a bit of a saga – the pattern wasn’t clear at all in some parts, and I kept losing parts! I eventually got it finished the morning we went up, although somewhat butchered the sewing up at the neck! Thankfully he sported a lovely purple ribbon that hid the neck seam! That was followed by knitting away at a bunny that got finished in the drive of their house! I resized the pattern quite a lot as didn’t have enough yarn, but its rugged (sp?) enough to take a lot of playing with I think (hope!)



This week is the final week before Fibre Flurry the event, so it’s all steam ahead with a long to-do list, and thankfully friends descending to help out – Judith today, Emzy and Katy on Thursday, and Helen and Matty on Friday – I’m so lucky to have great friends.

Must tidy before going to meet lovely Judith at the train station!


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