Glasses, Glasses and Glasses galore…

It’s that time again…my squinting has increased, the distance between my book and eyes has decreased and I keep shoving my glasses up my nose… it’s time for new glasses!

I struggle every time to know what suits me/looks best – so I’ve decided this time to have some help, and that’s where you come in!

Please excuse the awful photos – taken on the webcam at work!

This is me in my glasses at the moment:

The options are:


Buttercup                                                    Leia                                                        Red


Coffee                                                      Edna


(The last three names are made up – I don’t have them anymore to check the names)


So…over to you…which are your favourites and why?


Thank you! :~)

(btw, have taken advantage of the home trial thing that glasses direct do – hence having loads of frames at work. That also means I can have 2 pairs!!)




One thought on “Glasses, Glasses and Glasses galore…

  1. Ruth says:

    hmmm…. not sure which name is which photo (browser problem, I suspect), but I like the first (of the new ones) in the yello tshirt, and the last but on (Coffee?) Quite like the second pair (Red?) if you’re going for a ‘strong’ look. The first pair is too round, and a little too high on your face, I think, and there’s something about the angle or frame-widge of the last pair (Edna) that makes them look a little small… just my tuppen’north 🙂


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