Soothing the soul

The last 4 months have been a combination of hectic, chaos, stressful, joyous and fun! But far too much of the former.

Things have changed yet again…I had a job, where I was treated horridly and subsequently was stressed, sad and not coping well; now I don’t have an outside job, but am setting up the Fibre Flurry shop and looking at venues for the main event and some other things too, and feel a lot calmer about it all.

On the flip side I’m having time to wallow sometimes, and I’ve asked to have a bit more support mental health wise, but I’m trying to see it as a positive that I recognise I need it, so ho hum. The fight against the black dog, the cloud, the

I have a lovely routine going, getting up when Matty leaves the house, watch smallville while having breakfast and a few rows of knitting (Yes, actual knitting!) then upstairs to the office, sometimes accompanied by the cat, to do work on websites, stock, and venue hunting. My routine feels soothing, and that’s a very good thing in my book.

The last week I’ve been baking too…



Pictures from the last few months:



Slowly slowly, Gently gently, sometimes its a day at a time, sometimes a week, sometimes an hour, but I’m feeling more soothed the longer I’m running my show.


(BTW, my mum and I are destashing via eBay and Rav to try and help me pay the bills! Please check them out here and here )


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