Book Review – The Bell Curve & Sawtooth – A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure (Assessor’s Archives 1+2)

I thought I’d start writing some posts that are a little less moan-filled and all of that, so as I read quite a lot, reviewing the books I read feels like the way to start. This is short, but I don’t want to give away too much of the story!

First up is an offering from Harry O’Connor – a newly self-published author who spends the rest of his time running voodoochilli with his lovely wife and looking after his gorgeous new daughter.

I must confess that I knew Harry growing up, which was my initial motivation for buying the books, but the review is written with no conscious bias!

The Bell Curve and Sawtooth


The Bell Curve and Sawtooth are the first two books in a post-apocalyptic series; set in a world where being anything but the pre-determined ‘normal’ is a very bad thing – bad enough to get you executed.

These two books are insightful, intelligent and gripping. I finished them in a few sittings, longer than they should have been because I wanted to finish and read what happened.
Harry writes compelling characters, in a world relatively unknown to us, but with – worrying in as much as it could be reality – some great observations about what we could be, and what our future could hold.

We follow two main characters through an assessment, escape, lies, drug induced hallucinations, killings, horse rides and shocking discoveries – all written in a way that makes conjuring up the scenery and surroundings an easy task.
The jump from the first to second book was a little hard to start with, so I would recommend a little time to digest the first story before delving into the adventures of the second – I was continually thinking about the implications of the first, which is a good thing, as a sign of a good story is one that makes you think after you’ve turned the last page.

I eagerly await the third installment, and will keep a look out for Harry’s future work.
Thoroughly recommended!


You can buy Harry’s’ book on amazon here as a kindle download. I’d be interested to read what you think.


2 thoughts on “Book Review – The Bell Curve & Sawtooth – A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure (Assessor’s Archives 1+2)

  1. Harry O'Connor says:

    I’m chuffed by this review, thank you!

    It has been a fascinating journey writing these stories, I have learned a lot doing so and I would recommend that everyone tries it at least once! There is nothing quite like putting your thoughts down on paper and attempting to weave them into a fictional narrative – it really helps you explore ideas and I made some discoveries I was not expecting.

    I’m about 3000 words into the 3rd book which I am hoping will be the best so far. This one will be longer, perhaps the size of both previous ones combined and I think it might be the concluding story in a trilogy (before I focus on a full length novel). The main character is someone with autism, a mental condition that fascinates me and also one I feel that is sadly stereotyped negatively. I intend to undo some of that!

    Thanks again for reading my book, buying it, and taking the time to think about it and write a review. I’ll be sure to email you a copy of the next one when I’ve finished it.


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