Food! Thyme, Figs and Goats Cheese

There’s been a lot of angst and change here at chez Kayla, and part of that has meant I’ve had more flexible time to play with…

I’ve read, moved furniture around, and spent a far bit of time thinking about new directions.

I’ve also been cooking! (Okay, I cooked once apart from my current staple of fresh fusilli with tomato and mascarpone sauce – yum!) I’m hoping to make it a more regular things though as I have friends round for Knit Night most weeks…

Last week I made this, the recipe is from a sainsbury’s  card I spotted on a display.

SO good! really quite easy too – although I would highly recommend NOT buying the Thyme  fresh-in-a-pot…trying to get 7g of just the leaves – bloody nuisance although quite funny!

This is it before going into the oven…not particularly appealing.

sans figs

Then of course I remembered i hadn’t put the figs on – doh!

with figs

But then, it cooked for 45 minutes and became this…

20131010_194600 20131010_194620

with a gorgeous crispy base when it came out of the tin too…


Om nom nom!


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