Food! Rice, Mushroom and Egg Pastry Roll – Kulebiaka

Mmm food! I’ve really enjoyed the last few knit nights – not only the conversation, but also the challenge I’ve set myself of cooking ‘proper food’ for my lovely friends.

Last week we had another recipe I found at Sainsbury’s –  it was met with a little more hesitation than last time, but overall I think it was a success!

Thankfully S and L came over in time to help with photo taking, folding and turning!

Doing it again, I wouldn’t change much – I’d roll out the pastry a little before adding the filling – I ended up with a little of bursting, and needed an extra set of hands to close the roll. I also failed to turn it over – but I’m not convinced that was vital anyway! I’m not sure I’ve made puff pastry from scratch before, so that’s definately something to explore too – I relied on Jus-Roll pre rolled this time!

I failed to take photos of it as it came out of the oven, or just before it went in, but here are the photos I did get!

(Rice with Dill – Mushroom, Spinach and Garlic mixture – Trying to hold the roll together while S takes a photo! – As it went into the oven – Finished! Served with a basic salad with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar)

Rice with Dill

Mushrrom, Garlic and Spinach Mixture

Trying to close it up

As it went into the oven


Someone at work is selling some recipe books really rather cheaply, so I have more ideas on the way. What are your favourites?

I’ve had an exciting few weeks, so there are a few posts in the works – the new library, an awesome gig and an amazing launch party!

Till next time…


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