Food! Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato Goodness

I gave Knit Night a miss last week, but J, S and Housemate K were over for dinner last night.

I’ve been searching and googling for new recipes since I set myself the new challenge, and although I’ve come across some lovely recipes, this week I decided to try a bit of a ‘classic’ again. I’m not sure I’ve ever had cottage pie before – being really very fussy about food for years plus being a vegetarian seem to have conspired against the experience.

This week I rectified that.

I followed a basic recipe from Sainsbury’s again, modifying it with some additions and deducting ingredients.

I used Quorn mince, which doesn’t have as much moisture as the meaty sort (Something I didn’t know till I was cooking it!) so I put some stock in – a big cup of hot water with a veggie stock cube dissolved in. (Thanks to S for the suggestion and stirring skills!)

I also did a combination mash of white and sweet potatoes. I think It’s the first time I’ve cooked with sweet potato, but it certainly won’t be the last!

Served with honey roasted chantenay carrots (hurrah for the reduced fresh produce section) and peas.




Sweet Peelings

potato process

honey roasted carrots


Plated Up




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