Food! Mash, Pesto Puffs and Carrot Experiments

Knit Night didn’t happen this week, but last – 14th, we had what I call Jamie Mash – because it’s a Jamie Oliver recipe surprisingly enough.

We had a bit of a mash-up (haha!) of the contents of my fridge and freezer.

Jamie Mash – Mashed potatoes with skins left on, mashed with peas and broccoli.


Pre MAsh

Which then turns into this:

Pre Brie Mash

I of course can’t leave anything alone (and housemate Katie bought a LOT of Brie that she didn’t really know why) so I chucked some Brie on top and popped it into the oven for 15 minutes or so and resulted in this:

Mash with BRie

Then I added some bakey things I had in the oven, and an experiment with carrots.

I wanted to do honey-roasted carrots (omnomnom) but I didn’t have enough time left, so Katie and I brainstormed and decided to fry them in a tinytiny bit of oil, then slathered them in honey and chucked some Thyme in too…they were rather nice, and looked like this:

Carrots Mmm

The whole lot together (well I know you’re just dying for a picture!):

All Together Now

Rather nice actually!

Pesto Puffs – these are a family favourite, my Mum makes them a lot, they’re really simple and very yummy. I stupidly didn’t take an ‘after’ photo, but this picture gives you an idea of what they are:

Pre Oven Puffs

Puff pastry, bit of pesto, with cheese on top (Brie this time – there was a lot of it to use!). Occasionally a bit of tomato (quarter of a cherry works well) but I didn’t have any, and don’t like it so I left it off!

Bit of a cobbled together dinner but I thought it was lovely and everyone finished, so it did!

I’ve had a strange week on annual leave, including a lovely but kick back heavy trip to London, and there are about 5 blog posts in the working! Off to see Dr Who! :~D


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