Lucy In The Park With Diamond Lace

Life has been a little taxing recently – I resigned from one of my jobs and am looking for something to replace it, there have been health issues both physical and mental, and I’ve been helping a friend through a horrendous rough patch.

Hence this little corner of mine of the internet has been neglected. There are many drafts of posts both on my dashboard and in my head, but I thought I’d just post a quick something.

I went to meeting this morning, which was much needed and helped me to clarify some thoughts and action plans which was great. I was very glad to see my lovely friends L and J there too – we had a good catch up and I was invited for lunch – Hurrah! Even better it was home-made Falafel, which J is particularly talented in creating!

After a lovely lunch we went down to their local park to take some photos of a gorgeous shawl L has finished knitting. The (Ravelry) project page is here, and L’s blog is here.

Just a few of the 60+ photos I took are below.



I loved playing with the focus for the few I took on the giant tree stump that we conveniently found!


It was lovely and breezy, and a series of twirling got some great angles – the best ones that make L look like a flamenco dancer I’ve saved for her to post.


I love the shape of this one – it makes me think of jellyfish, and the elegance they have rippling through water. The wind was both a hindrance and an interesting aid!



I rather like photos of created objects, be they knitted, sewn, baked, drawn etc, in natural settings; the colours and textures can be so similar or so very different it makes for some lovely photos – at least I think so.


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