Life as I knew it…

…is changing.

The last few months have been somewhat chaotic, traumatic and stressful – to say the least.

Starting with the shop – we closed on 31st March. Heart wrenching, it’s been incredibly hard, and I’m still wading through he ton of paperwork and other stuff left to do, along with trying to deal with, quite frankly utter sadness and sometimes despair at the whole thing.

Between January and now I’ve been living at between different houses and for about a month I was living at the shop – it wasn’t that bad once there were cushions and stuff down, but it was fairly demoralising to say the least. I’m very thankful to the friends that have been putting me up, especially L and J who I’m currently staying with – for another week anyway.

So what happens in a week? I move! It’s a big scary move, because I’m not just moving house, but town and county too… the plan was always for Matty to move down here after he finished his degree, but then one of his tutors said he should do an MA, so we were trying to figure how that would work, and if we could bear another year apart, or if he could do it down here, and looking at all sorts of different options. Then i faced up to the issues with the shop, and a solution for it all was staring us in the face. I came to the conclusion that if I couldn’t have the shop – and sensibly it just couldn’t carry on – then I have to be with Matty. So we started the house hunting process, and job hunting, and found a wonderful little house in Mirfield, near Huddersfield (Where Matty goes to uni) with a lovely landlady who has been really understanding, and helpful. We get to decorate the house instead of giving a deposit, which is ace, especially as between the decorating stuff me and my mum have in storage and a big tub of white, we have enough paint and wallpaper to decorate without buying anything else!

So this time next week Matty will be on his way down here, Sunday we’re having a goodbye gathering with friends, then we go and get the keys, spend a few days decorating and then move all our crap erm, assorted valued belongings into the new house.

Job hunting is a long-winded process, and very different to how it was even a year ago which is scary, but I have faith that it’ll be okay – maybe not great, but okay.

I’m hoping once I’m settled ‘oop north’ I’ll be able to set up an online shop, and am still working on a few eventy things for next year, but I’m not going to stress myself about it. I’ve been working 60-70 hours a week and I can’t carry on doing that – at least, I can’t carry on doing that, be sane, and have a relationship, and they’re more important.

Overall the first few months of 2012 haven’t been great – there’s been a lot of crying, a lot of scary things, and a heck of a lot of moments when I just wanted to give up, but I have to keep remembering/hoping that it will work out okay…fingers crossed.


PS: I’ve been taking time away from the interwebs to try and deal with everything, so I’m sorry if I’ve not replied to things, I’m slowly getting back on track, but please bear with me.


Shop, Cycling, Graduating, Moving and Yarn!

Well, the shop is up and running, and we’ve had a fair few customers in – and some really good feedback. It’s going well apart from technology – my host (who used to be fabulous – great twitter presence, answering service/help emails really quickly, within 1/2 hour at 2:30am etc!) decided to muck everything up by suspending the account because i told them i was leaving…nevermind that i said I was leaving when my current paid time was up…in 3 weeks!! So we’ve moved over to a new host, but migrating some of the stuff over is taking longer than planned/hoped…so no email or website…*stress* We had the first knit night on Thursday and had 10 people come – I was so scared no-one would turn up so was very happy!

Matty has been trying to get me to cycle, to get fit, so we cycled to work on Friday – I really didn’t think I was *So* unfit! I was exhausted and dehydrated and had wibbly legs and was extraordinarily sweaty – pleasant, I know! We got there in 20 minutes, and I rode back on my own (Matty went kayaking for  the weekend before spending the week in Leeds/Manchester) in 15 minutes! I rode to work Saturday and wasn’t quite as out of breath, but ended up walking back as I stayed quite late and don’t have a key to the barn where I keep my bike :~/ The walk isn’t too bad – a few hills but nothing huge, and only 1.5 miles – I’m walking and cycling to and from work all week next week.

I have spectacular (ly bad)timing skills, so in about a month and 4 days I’m moving house!! I need to downsize to concentrate on the shop, but where I was hoping to move to fell through :~( We went to see a lovely house-share/lodging last week, and both got on well with R, the owner. She’s happy for Matty to stay as much as he’s planning to next year, and is probably okay with Kitty coming too! Both huge bonuses – I’m worried about having to find a new home for Kitty if this doesn’t work out :~/ It’s about 3 miles from the shop, so not sure what I’m going to do about walking/cycling there.I’ve been thinking of getting a scooter for a while – I can’t afford a car, or really justify one when I’m insured on two others! But a scooter might make things a bit easier…I’m going to book onto a tester afternoon and see if I get on with them! We’re slowly starting to pack things up – thankfully a friend has a large room I can use for storage – but it’s very strange, and daunting to try to minimize everything I own, which is a LOT of stuff!

Wednesday evening I am heading up to Manchester to see Matty graduate on Thursday :~) He’s graduating from his Foundation Degree, which he’s topping up to become a BA next year. I’m so proud :~) I also need to figure out what on earth to wear!!

I slept for 17 hours last night/today…I knew I was tired but didn’t realise quite how tired, so today has been a pyjama day…catching up on iplayer and trying to find patterns for my newly acquired NDS yarn – I’ve had my eye on it since it arrived 3 weeks ago, so decided it belonged with me!

It is just fabulous – suggestions for patterns welcome! I’d love to have a shrug or something to wear at the shop – I wear a lot of skirts and vest tops at the moment. I can’t find anything that seems right though!

Sorry for the random post…I’m sure I’ll be more interesting soon!

Chaos, Funerals, Poppies, Sleep and Lost Kitty

Well, the last month has been somewhat dramatic and busy! I apologise for the looong post!

I got the very exciting news about funding, and in just over a week (28th June) I am opening my own yarn shop!! I’m very excited, somewhat overwhelmed and a little scared – the last month or so has been full of deciding yarns, colours, notions, fabrics, paints, shelves and much more!

We’ve had a 5 and a half hour visit to IKEA, followed by another 2 hour one less than a week later, 4 hours driving to and from Manchester for  a 3 hour trip to the haberdashery and fabric wholesalers, buying a computer on the way too! I’ve ordered some amazing yarns, and just beautiful things! The shop, I’m hoping, will have a homey feel – we’ve a sofa in the bay and extra lighting, a table to work on projects and chat around, a great selection of books, and between 10 and 4 a cafe open just the other side of the door. We’re also having a Knit Night (All crafty projects welcome!) on a Thursday from 6-8:30, and I’m *hopefully* going to have time to bake cakes for it!

Next week is get in week, so we’ll be painting, changing carpet, building units and stocking shelves…the one proviso Matty has is that we take the radio or he’s not doing any work! He’s been an absolute godsend – building things and helping out. This last week has been finalising orders, getting last-minute things I forgot to before (there were quite a few of those eep!)

On 2nd July evening, we’re having a launch party – some of my friends and family are coming, and a few indies too I think…if you’re reading this and fancy coming along, email launchparty (at) :~)

The last month has also included a funeral :~( Granny (Matty’s maternal grandma) had a wonderful neighbour, Harold, who died, and as he was part of their extended family for over 30 years, they went to the funeral, and I went as a support. It was a lovely service, by a vicar that had known Harold for a long time. I had to leave fairly early in the wake, but Matty stayed with his mum and Granny for the afternoon, spent on a drive in the country with good pub food included. It was quite a strange experience, I’ve been to two funerals before – Nanan’s (My maternal Grandma, who was a huge part of my life) and MummyJanet’s dad – both different, but both people I know etc. I never met Harold, although I heard a lot about him through Matty mainly, so it seemed a bit strange that I got upset, but I think it was partly memories of other funerals, upset that people I love are upset, and just general sadness that someone has died. Still, a vaguely strange experience.

Sleep – I am desperately trying to get my sleep pattern into something that resembles what it will need to be when the shop opens. I’ve succeeded most of the time for the last week, but even one late/disturbed night seems to have  a huge effect. I’m a night owl, so could happily sleep untill 2pm and work till 4am! Not ideal when the shops open 10-5!! Last night I was woken up at 1:20am by a call from my upset little (surrogate – MummyJanets daughter, but  she’s like my sister) sister stranded in another part of Birmingham with no money for a taxi, so followed frantic calls to taxi companies to see if they would pick her up if I pay. She ended up staying on my sofa and being picked up by her brother this morning.

Matty went on a training weekend for a job he has this summer, and I was lucky enough to have the car for the weekend (on the proviso of me giving him a lift there and back of course!) On the way back home I passed an amazing poppy field,so made sure we stopped on the way back – it had just rained, which made it even more stunning!

Kitty went missing the same weekend :~(  She jumped out of the (first floor) bathroom window and was missing for 4 days – she’s an indoor cat, not spayed (we don’t think – she was a stray when she came to me, and the only way to find out is to operate) and no collar! Thankfully I got her microchipped a month after I got her, but it wasn’t needed, as Joyce (downstairs neighbour) saw her darting across the back garden and banged on our door. She’s been back just under 4 weeks and is getting a little chunkier around her belly, so I think there might be kittens on the way! I love kittens – my ex and I had a cat that had kittens, I was there when they were born and looked after them lots. Not great timing though!! She’s settled back in okay though, and currently sat on the bed looking annoyed whenever I go in!

Right, back to designing signs and buying last-minute bits and pieces!

Another Interview Over

I have no idea how today’s interview went.

I have a general bad feeling about it, as the interviewer mentioned the high quality and quantity of candidates, in a way that made me think she was trying to let me down easily sort of thing. I’ve had a few negative days though so maybe it’s my interpreting skills going overboard?

I asked if there were any immediate concerns about me, and the answer was very clear – Fibre Flurry. As it’s an events management company, they don’t like their employees organising things outside of work – which I totally understand, even if they work a thousand and three leagues above where FF is! They said it could be a deal breaker, which could leave me in a really difficult position. Fear not, 2011 will still be happening – I’m already committed to it this year and have made that clear – as much as they may not like it, it would be utterly unprofessional for me cancel now, plus of course I love it!!

The more I found out about the company, the more I want to work there though, and there’s definite career progression possible, and what felt like a good working environment, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed but not counting my beans (is that an actual phrase?!)

I won’t find out till Tuesday afternoon, so I’m hoping to forget about it till then!

This weekend I’ll be near Reading with my wonderful friend Judith who is going travelling for 4 months on Tuesday. I’m going to miss her lots :~(


Jobs Update

Just a quick update on jobs

The pre-interview interview I had 2 weeks ago went well, but it didn’t result in an actual interview :~( My lack of corporate events management was the reason – although I’ve been organising events for years in different capacities, it was mainly through the NHS and charities, and then of course Fibre Flurry last year.

I have another interview a week today though! A lower down role, but the company and role description sounds like they’d encourage more involvement as the role progresses, hopefully up to the level I want. So fingers crossed!

This job is also much less of a commute (only 40 minutes which feels much less than the hour of the last interview!) and still in pretty surroundings, which hopefully should make going back to a partly desk job easier.

I think I’m going to wear the same outfit as the last interview, but with shoes instead of boots – I felt quite casual, which worked for a pre-interview interview I think, but not the right feel for this one!

I think I’m slightly more excited about this interview – the company do a lot of exciting big events around the world,  and have a strong sustainability ethic which is good, and the closer proximity to Birmingham is definately a bonus.

I wonder, what’s important to you about a company you (potentially) work for?

*fingers crossed*