30 before I’m 30 List

The list for things to do before I’m 30. Started in this post.

  1. Go to New York
  2. Road Trip (one epic or several – weekend trips, day trips, etc etc!)
  3. Learn to Crochet
  4. Write and Illustrate a children’s book
  5. Host a 3 course dinner party
  6. Fly a kite
  7. Shoot a bow and arrow
  8. Perform at an Open Mic night by myself
  9. Go horse-riding (and at least see if I can still do it!)
  10. Learn how to play Chess
  11. Join a gym (and actually go!)
  12. See Wicked
  13. Drive a particularly fast car (thinking around a track sort of deal)
  14. Go to The Barber Institute
  15. Go to The Electric Cinema
  16. Use Air BnB
  17. See every (free) exhibition at BMAG
  18. Go to the V&A properly
  19. Go on a pub crawl (probably the Harborne one!)
  20. Get a vibrant hair colour ( a slice through counts!)
  21. Buy a Car Achieved 1st March
  22. Revamp my work wardrobe
  23. Buy a goat
  24. Meditate all day
  25. Go on a rollercoaster
  26. Learn one song on drums
  27. Go on a spa day

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